Story Behind Property Valuation Will Haunt You Forever!

wanna go directly to the buyer and ask some very pointed questions arm I had a situation not too long ago where I’m our company was trying to get a deal with Cisco’s a customer not as a buyer and we work very hard to get that deal with Cisco we pay whatever sales people in the company very high commission by getting the Cisco accounts an UM it increased the value of our company.

By forty percent one be och huh increase the value of our company. by tercentenary you show repeat competitive wins are you a darling of the press and what are the in these industry analyst saying about you what is Garner Forrester saying about you hopefully around the quadrant somewhere hopefully they’re saying good things about that competition we’ve talked about this before are there special barriers to entry or damages it makes you unique particular and some in the markets we were gone there are companies.

many them with the same messages what is different and what you parity entry is your product technology leading a transition if you’re selling a product that compete with Oracle you better be moving into a new transition where they can’t catch up or where you this intermediate their business while Krishna was gonna buy you if noncompeting to head with Oracle and a similar products are you in a market that is one of the high growth sectors we typically see the sass application infrastructure companies as a good market we see a tremendous amount of them in a in the Big Data markets mobile migration market extra so I are you in a market where the buyers.

schoolteacher leading a transition do you have a unique execution advantage how do you get to market I faster cheaper and more volume what you breakthrough solution there’s lots mature technologies.

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